Shorties: Invincible (2021)

image by Amazon Prime

Welcome to Shorties where I review anything under one minute reading time (supposedly).


The animation of this movie is “cut the talking.”. You do not find much in conversation scenes but oh boy the action scenes are charming.

We are so used to see superhero movies with little consequences. So it is nice Invincible establishing that each action leads to one thing and another. The romance is the least interesting bit of the series. Although it forced a character development on Mark Grayson so it is not pointless — but it’s still not entertaining enough for me to care.

The plot twist is not as revealing as it makes it want to be. I don’t know if anyone had said this or not but Invincible is Guardians of the Galaxy 2 minus the gay best friend.

The charm of Invincible is its ability to make you wonder what is going to happen next?



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